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Building a meaningful follower base takes time.

While it is possible to have rapid follower growth - the reality is that it is highly unlikely that your account will go from 0 to 1000 followers in just 3 months.

The key to successful online marketing lies in:


Creating valuable and engaging content that resonates with your target audience


Consistently posting


Understanding your engagement rate

Scale your business with cost-effective content marketing

Instead of focusing on follower count, focus on building relationships and community with your audience.
Hi there!

I'm Erica

Founder + Content Marketing Strategist at Erica Tiwaa Agency
From strategy to execution, we’re your go-to experts to help you structure your content pipeline, increase your reach, and build an authentic community.
With my team of experts, our content marketing agency is dedicated to helping early to mid-stage direct to consumer (D2C), non-profit, tech, and service-based businesses develop strategic content to get visible and scale.
Utilizing a data-driven approach, we elevate online presence through social media management, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO).
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Client Testimonials

Re / Content Marketing services

"Our organization had a significant capacity gap in our social media marketing priorities.We are pleased to see her take ownership of these platforms. Erica is a data-driven results-oriented digital content marketer. She is very thorough, and often provides suggestions that exceed the scope of work. She works with you to meet your goals and stay within your budget."
Tanya P., Co-Founder & Co-Chair Partnerships
Canadian Black Standard

Re / Content Strategy Roadmap

"Before working with Erica I was feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. After working with Erica and following her procedures, making content and planning future content is just so much easier. My content is so much better than it was and I feel so much more confident creating it!"
Jenna M., Owner & Educational Consultant 

Re / Content Strategy Roadmap

“Our advice to anyone considering working with Erica would be to reach out earlier in your business development. Her planning process was simple and our team did not have any surprises. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the third eye perspective of a professional strategist on how to better reach our customers and gear our campaign for success. We would recommend booking a strategy session with Erica to others because working with her gave us insight into parts of our company we had not considered.”
Bernnard O., Co-Founder & CEO

Re / Content Marketing Services

“What surprised us the most about the entire process, was how easy it was! Our communications volunteer worked hand-inland with Erica and before I knew it, the entire process had come together beautifully. Erica is professional, prompt, and great at what she does. She exceeded expectation. I am so happy we worked with Erica Tiwaa Agency. They completely revitalized our organization!”
Thom D., President

Re / Content Marketing Services

“After working with Erica Tiwaa Agency, we feel very confident that our new understanding of content marketing will help elevate our brand. Erica is very professional and goes above and beyond to competing every task. She is very detailed oriented and data driven to providing the best results. It was great working with her. She has strong communication skills and is adaptable to changing trends.”
Ruffin L., Founder & CEO
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For early to mid-staged businesses seeking a personalized content strategy plan tailored to their business needs.
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For growing brands who want to scale their content marketing efforts without building out a full internal marketing team.

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For purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to master the content marketing basics and achieve their business goals without breaking the bank or getting burnout
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