Coffee & T: My Higher Ground Experience

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To kick-start my new Coffee & T series, I recently had the opportunity to visit Higher Ground (HG) Cafe. I had a little déjà brew you could say. Located in the heart of Kensington, the coffee shop makes for the perfect summer link-up spot. Not only is HG supplied with fresh organic coffee, but it is operated under a fair trade establishment.

Meaning, that the beans are directly purchased from the growers for a fair price–carefully selected, directly traded, and shade grown. With transit being at basically an arms-length in walking distance, HG is easily accessible by train. So take that advantage and skip the downtown parking struggles!

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Like many students and workaholics, the need for coffee is an essential. And for that reason, I’ve taken it upon myself to taste-test YYC’s finest coffee beans and teas! Through this series, I hope to provide a creditable and honest list of go-tos for all my coffee lovers. Having lived in this city for basically my whole life, Calgary cafe’s are always popping up. With that being said, I’m also open to all suggestions as there are so many small cafes yet to be found in this cowtown-of-a-city.

Now to focus on the important stuff…what I ordered. On this particular day I was feeling pretty rambunctious. In other words, I strayed out of my regular-smegular milk and sugar coffee basics. With a variety of choices at hand, I decided to go with the S’mores Mocha. It was composed of espresso, hot chocolate, marshmallow, and choc whipped cream.

If you can’t tell, I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. So if you’re the same way, you’d definitely enjoy this drink! And for those who aren’t heavy coffee drinkers, well I’d still suggest this one as it has the perfect ratio blend between coffee and chocolate.

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Photo Shot By:  @m.exquisitecreations

Personally, when I visit coffee shops the major elements for reaching my maximum satisfaction levels are based off of: variety on the menu, atmosphere of cafe, cost, and of course taste. There are many differentiating factors to measure quality, but to stay consistent, these four categories will be reoccurring instruments in my pursuit of finding YYC’s best.

Using coffee beans for my scale, the four categories will be rated out of five. Here’s what I thought of Higher Ground Cafe:

Given the rating that I did, providing justification behind it is important. Hands-down, the coffee was great. I will be back again. It’s not my first time at HG, but I will say that it can get very busy. And with busyness, comes crowded-ness. Having said that, I might just be going at the wrong times. But who knows!


It’s atmosphere has a strong energy that gives off a more laid-back setting…somewhere you would go to chat with friends or have a casual business meeting, but don’t expect quiet. With the price no higher than $5 CAD for a large, I’d say it’s reasonable compared to other standard chains. Especially since the the amount of ounces you get in one cup are significant.

Nonetheless, there will be more coffee places to explore and more drinks to indulge in. Until then may your coffee kick in before reality does…

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