7 Tips To Help You Land Summer Internships

Summer is over and September has officially started. It’s only a matter of time before the leaves turn red and then it’s Halloween…it’s as if the year is almost over! That sentence in itself is already giving me a headache. HOWEVER, that headache doesn’t have to continue if it’s dealt with properly.

Unlike my usual summers that are filled with courses, I managed to land myself a summer internship! Woohoo! How exciting, right? Summer internships working for a company in a field of my degree?! I couldn’t be more grateful.

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For most, summer means relaxing, going out, traveling, eating, and all that cool stuff. But to go to work 5 days a week full time—this was something different. I highly encourage every student out there that has the opportunity to do an internship to take the opportunity to do so because your textbooks are not the real world.

In fact, if there’s anything I’ve learnt from this experience, it’s that we go to school to get a job in which you’ll unlearn everything (if not, majority of) you were taught in school. Sounds strange, but that’s just how life goes.

With the semester kick-starting this week, I thought I’d share my tips on maintaining your role as an intern AND landing yourself that summer job. The sooner you start on your goals, the closer you’ll be to achieving them.

Here are a few helpful hints on getting you on the right track:

1. Network.

Often times networking can be portrayed as a buzzword. I’m here to tell you it is. And for this reason, it’s important to build-up a strategy for approaching employers. There’s no indefinite way to network, but the biggest piece of advice I can give is practice. I can only speak from experience, but I have not attended a seminar yet that has given me the “MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO NETWORK”.

So in all, it comes down to style and technique. Meaning, one approach may work differently for you than for others; Whether that be going to related events or working on your elevator speech. Granted, in order to must get out there and experiment. So put on your best outfit and start talking!


2. Prioritize / Stay Organized.

With this tip, it can be applied beyond the job search. Personally, if you’re able to set aside a list of priorities you’ll be able to accomplish way more than you initially believed. More importantly, it will outline the steps and progress towards gaining the position. Employers are keen on those who are organized. They want an individual who will add to the business, not cause hardship.

In doing so, once you’ve landed the internship (or full-time job), this can combat the struggles of transitioning into the job! As the intern, you can expect everybody to come at you from all corners asking for your help with tasks so be sure to get the important duties crossed off your list first. If you want to read more on how to master time management check out my previous post here.

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3. Be extra, innovative, and the BOSS.

Because why not? When I say, “be the boss”, I don’t mean take over your manager’s role. That might be a little too…rambunctious. But rather, adhere to the mindset of a boss. As an intern or possible candidate, employers are looking for individuals who are willing to put their heart and soul into the job.

This means coming up with ideas that can really benefit the well-being of the work environment. As we progress into a new age, continuous improvement is a vital component to ensuring businesses are on par with standard. If you can be the reason for the break-through, I’m 99% sure you’re going to be brought back.


4. Ask Questions.

Not only should you ask questions because you want to know more about the job, it’s for your own good to gain as much knowledge as you can. For the most part, you probably weren’t hired because you’re an expert at the job. You, as the intern, are hired to learn and contribute fresh ideas to the force. Take this opportunity as the chance to ask any and all questions that come across your mind. You never know where it can lead you to.

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5. Perspective Is Everything.

People are watching you, whether you realize it or not. So be sure to be on your A-game at all times. If you want to be taken seriously, be sure to portray yourself as a person of importance. This can be shown through the way you dress, speak, and your body language. So consider all factors.

6. Stay In Contact.

I’ll be straightforward and honest, if you don’t stay in contact, you will most likely be forgotten. There are plenty of fish in the workforce and you can and WILL be replaced. Stay relevant! By sending a simple email every other month to keep in touch, this will let your employer know that you’re interested in the company. Maintaining a relationship after is key to potential job opportunities.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Blouse: Zara || Dress Pants: Zara  || Shoes: Payless Shoesource || Wristlet: Coach ||  Photo shot by: @aobyyc

7. Update Your Resume As You Go.

Make your life simpler. Once you’ve landed the internship, time will go by quickly and before you know it, it will be over. Do yourself a favour and document key processes and tasks that can add to your resume as you go. A quick note-to-file of what you achieved that week will help you to master the perfect resume. In the long run you’ll be able to look back on all the small successes you may have missed!

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