Coffee & T: An Alforno Bakery & Café Experience

If you’re like me, you’re currently trying to hold onto the last bits of summer while you can. With autumn in full-swing and the leaves officially taking flight (to the ground), I can only live vicariously through my summer memories. Does it still count if this memory was literally two weeks ago?

Location: Alforno Bakery & Café // Photo Series By: HYPR Magazine

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Anyways, with the weather getting cooler it only means that we’ve officially transitioned into latte season…and you know what that means—there’s going to be a-lotta lattes to be sipped in the next few months! I’m excited and hopefully this gives me even more of an excuse to try out different coffee places for this series.

Location: Alforno Bakery & Café  // Photo Series By: HYPR Magazine

IG: @hyprmagazine // Website:

On today’s agenda, Alforno Bakery & Café takes the spotlight. Located in downtown YYC, the quaint cafe makes for a perfect brunch spot. With a variety of choices on the menu, it was a tough pick for today’s selection. I ended up ordering their pecan French toast and signature latte.


Although this is primarily a coffee review, I must say I was impressed with the food. Sweet, savoury, and most definitely pleasing to the eye are what I’d use to describe this dish. Given the nature of French toast, Alforno’s had the perfect balance of heaviness. In other words I felt full, but I didn’t get the itis! And with regards to the latte, I would say it was pretty standard.

Here’s the breakdown:


It was the perfect blend of bittersweet. The acidity was minimal and the texture was a perfect match. There was definitely no overbearing harshness, which ultimately made for its smooth sip. And if you’re not one to consider yourself a sugar addict, you can guarantee this is a tamed concoction. It has just the right amount of natural sweetness and it’s aftertaste is flavour-saturated! Mmm!


With regards to smell, I’d have to say that it was basic. The scent didn’t really catch my senses enough to differentiate it from any other basic coffee tones. However, the presentation of latte was aesthetically pleasing. It’s always nice for your coffee to look just as cute, right?!

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Photo Series By: HYPR Magazine

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Overall ratings & thoughts

Would I come back? Without a doubt! I can say I would pay Alforno another visit. Not only does the coffee and food live up to expectations, but the welcoming environment is very comforting. As soon as you step inside, you’re welcomed by the friendly staff and exposed to inviting aromatics of all the baked goods. The atmosphere definitely possesses a strong sense of a european-style dining.

If you’re somebody like me where you’d like to branch-out from your regular coffee spots, this is the place to be. Whether it’s for a date, a business affair, or just a random coffee stop, Alforno delivers. If I had to give a rating, I would give Alforno a solid 4/5 coffee beans!

“[They’ve] got what you knead to escape the grind”

—Alforno Bakery & Café

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