Fall Outfits Under A $100 Budget

I’ve never been an autumn lover. This is due to the fact that YYC’s weather has always made it clear that only Winter and construction seasons exist here. It’s only been a matter of the past 3 1/2-4 years that I can honestly recall having a proper fall. Additionally, because the usual weather conditions have only situated itself on the extreme ends of the spectrum, there was never really a point of dressing for “the in-between”. So why even spend money on fall outfits?

A proper fall? I know that’s a pretty generalized statement. “Tiwaa, what is considered a proper fall??” I mean, who am I to speak; My lifespan has essentially only endured the cold. In places where the weather is actually above 10 degrees Celsius you could get away with multiple cute-trendy looks during this season such as:

A floral fit-and-flare above the knee wrap dress?

 Check. ✔​

​OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress: Dynamite (Purchased on sale for $30.00CAD) || Shoes: Spring
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations

Pleated olive green pants paired w/ a metallic faux leather top & a lacy bralette?

Check. ✔

OUTFIT DETAILS: Top: Zara ($6.90CAD) || Bralette: Joe Fresh ($18.00CAD)
Bottoms: H&M ($12.00CAD) || Shoes: Payless Shoesource
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations

A classic all-white after Labour Day look featuring distressed jeans?

Check. ✔

OUTFIT DETAILS: Top: Zara ($15.90CAD) || Bottoms: Urban Planet (Purchased on sale for $13.00CAD)
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations

ALL THREE of these outfits came out be to a total of less than $100 (excluding shoes and accessories). This is a great deal for how awesome these pieces look and feel from reputable brands. I think it’s safe to say that these outfits are applicable for the #YYCBloggerFallChallenge! Super affordable AND stylish.

However, in this lovely city I call home, I still value my limbs and have to pay extra attention to the weather. Anybody who lives in YYC knows the struggle of leaving the house at 7am in your Beyoncé outfit and having major regrets by 2pm wondering why you didn’t bust out like the michelin man in your Canada Goose coat instead. With affordable prices like these, you’ll have less regrets when purchasing if the weather looks like a complete blizzard outside.


To be cute or not to be cute?

You may risk losing an arm and a leg due to hyperthermia, but I digress, you know I speak the truth.

What I’ve come to terms with is that autumn is a season that brings out the warmth in your heart… because you cannot rely on the outside. It’s a time where you can wrap countless scarves around your neck, sit by the fire eating countless s’mores, while singing songs and telling stories with your friends.

It’s a season where the Girl Guides make their way door-to-door to convince you to buy their cookies. And once you’ve even considering buying a box, you find out that they’re currently only selling the vanilla/chocolate flavours instead of the mint (which is clearly the crowd pleaser if you ask me; A former Girl Guide of North America. Represennntt!).


And finally, it’s a season where you give thanks to your loved ones. And whilst spending time together, you watch as the vibrant colours of the leaves emulate a joyful dance as they float to the ground. Before you know it winter will be here so be sure to enjoy it while it lasts…

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons”
—Jim Bishop

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  • I love all of these looks but especially #2. It looks like chill, hang out vibes which is totally up my alley lol. Thanks!

    • A
      Styled By: Tiwaa

      It was definitely my fav out of all the looks too! Glad you liked it (:

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