Freddy WR.UP Regular Rise Pants Review | By: Livify

If there’s anything I dislike more than cold weather, it’s pants shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I like clothes and I like shopping. However, something about finding pants that fit correctly is extremely frustrating to me. Often times, my shopping trips have to be split up because the amount of time it takes to find a decent pair of pants is it’s own tirade.

My problem is my body type. I have long legs, long arms, and a short torso. I’ve come to accept myself, which is cool, but a lot of pants out there have not. I’m also a strong member of the small booty committee because of my frame. As a result, you’ll most likely see me reaching for a high-waisted pair of pants to compensate.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt: Forever 21
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations

A closet full of shirts upon shirts…upon shirts. But alas! I probably own 5 solid pairs of pants (3 of which are leggings…I still count that as pants). Granted I own more bottoms, they just don’t seem to fit quite right. Until I came across these Freddy’s…

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt: H&M || Pants: Freddy’s By: Livify || Tote Bag: Payless Shoesource
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to put them on as 9/10 times the outcomes are usually that:

  • The pants are too short

  • There’s a massive space in the transitioning area between my waist to bum

  • The pants fit correctly in the thighs and waist, but the crotch is so low that I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I might be wearing a diaper

BUT WITH THESE, my pants struggle has been eliminated. I am no longer part of the small booty committee—I am, as Bubba Sparxxx would say, Ms. New Booty! I’ve categorized what I really like about these pants into 3 parts. Here’s the scoop—


OUTFIT DETAILS: Pants: Freddy’s By: Livify
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations


There’s just enough room to fit two fingers between the fabric and your skin, so you know these pants have a reasonable amount of elasticity. The waistband is snug! As I’ve stated previously, I’ve always struggled with finding the right pants that compensate for my waist to bum ratio. It’s clear to say that the silicon-lined waist-band is working wonders for the fit! Not only has this been my first time wearing pants with a silicon membrane.

2. Comfort & Style

 OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt: Forever 21 || Pants: Freddy’s By: Livify
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations

Another thing I would like to touch on is the stretch. Because the fabric is so soft and the silicon membrane is so flexible, you almost forget that you’re wearing pants. I can’t be the only who hates the feeling of putting on jeans in the morning, only to become agitated by the end of the day to get home to take them off. The only downfall I’d say I have with these pants is the lack of pocket space; there is none. But realistically, it seems like all women’s pants seem to lack this. So it shouldn’t be the biggest of issue of your concern.


With respect to this blog post, it was supposed to go live a week ago. However, with school coming to an end, there was a delay. But on the bright-side, I can say that I’ve worn these pants for quite some time now and that the memory is still the same as if they were brand new! In this case, I would say this is exceptionally good because they were perfect from the moment I tried them on. No need to “break your pants in”!

3. Construction

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pants: Freddy’s By: Livify
Photo Series By: @m.exquisitecreations

Given the nature of the style, the quality is amazing. It’s evident that there was careful consideration of the design. As a result, all of these elements are what aid in that shape-shifting-capabilities. With my legs being so long, the cut is perfect and the inseam is set in the perfect position…


Thank goodness for that!

And well…maybe you are looking for a different type of style? Livify has a variety of different kinds of Freddy’s to suit your preference. Need denim pants? Check. Need fashion pants? Check. You’re basically set for any occasion with all the sporty, urban, chic, trendy looks they have on their site.

With free shipping daily and easy breezy returns, it’s no wonder why they’re considered the world famous shaping effect pants….

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