Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive Skin

La-Roche Posay Toleriane Sensitive Line Review 

Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive Skin  
I’ve seen this brand countless times during my trips to Shoppers Drug Mart. The clean and sleek branding design is visually appealing. It is also very distinct that it is a French skincare company. My original interest was sparked around a sample that I had received earlier last year. Upon my initial tests of the product, I have also heard from friends about the Toleriane Sensitive line and how their products have helped to heal their tattoos quick. 

Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive Skin

La-Roche Posay was kind enough to gift me their Toleriane Sensitive Line, so I only thought it was fitting to flesh out my true and honest opinion on their new hypo-allergenic range. Given the fact that I had only tried their Sensitive Riche moisturizer, I knew that I had a lot to explore.

I’m just going to cut to the chase. First impressions can be a make or break for me. Right off the bat, I noticed that all 5 products I tested had a slight bitter smell upon application. I wouldn’t say it was anything too serious, but it was definitely the first thing I noticed. Luckily, the smell did fade away.

what I’ve noticed.

Since using the ULTRA Eye Contour, it has helped to reduce the darkness around my eyes. The darkness is still evident, but it has definitely faded the discolouration quite a bit. I have felt a little more comfortable reducing the use of concealer to mask my dark eye circles. Moreover, when testing out the ULTRA Overnight, I noticed that it had a slightly tacky feel after applying. It has a gel-like consistency. Granted, since I only wear it at night, this isn’t as bothersome or a major deal breaker to me.

Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinAt this point, I’m convinced that Sensitive Riche is still my favourite product of this line. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because it was the initial product that sparked my interest in this brand, OR because I’ve still yet to run into any issues with it. All-in-all, it’s hands down the first moisturizer I am drawn to in the morning.  

If I were describe the Toleraine Sensitive Line in one sentence I would say that: it is a drink for your skin.

the lineup.Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinThe Morning Go-to’s… can be applied up to twice a day.

SENSITIVE RICHE – Applied to neck and T-Zone areaWinter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinMost Notable Contents:

-Thermal Spring Water, Shea Butter, Vitamin B3

ULTRA FLUIDE – Applied to face and eye areaWinter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinMost Notable Contents:

-Neurosensine and Thermal Spring Water.

-Is also preservative, fragrance, colorant, lanolin, and alcohol-free.

Evening go-to’s… can be applied up to twice a day

ULTRA OVERNIGHT – Applied in the evening to forehead, cheeks, neck, and nose areasWinter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinMost Notable Contents:

-Neurosensine, Niacinamide, and Thermal Spring Water. 

-Is also preservative, fragrance, colorant, lanolin, and alcohol-free.

ULTRA EYE CONTOUR -Applied in the evening only around under-eye areaWinter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinMost Notable Contents:

-Neurosensine, Niacinamide, Shea Butter, and Thermal Spring Water

simple and straight forward.

For the purpose of testing out the results of Toleraine Sensitive line, I really made sure to limit my product usage to only the 5 products. In doing so, this allowed me to note two major things…

  1. What products I really enjoyed 
  2. Control the possibility of breakouts or potential allergic reactions

If there’s one piece of advice that I would stress to anybody trying out a new skincare product, it’s that you should do a trial of the products on a smaller patch of your skin (preferably on an area such as an arm or a leg or somewhere less visible and, ultimately, not the face). Although the Toleriane Sensitive line is allergy tested, I still like to take precaution.

In the event that you end up having an allergic reaction, you will be forever thankful that it didn’t occur on your face. I’ve unfortunately learnt this the hard way in the past and would never wish that upon anybody to endure. 

Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive Skinpackaging.

If you follow me on Instagram I mentioned on my insta-stories that I was really digging the Braille included on the sides of the boxes. I’m not visually impaired of the sort, but I genuinely thought this was a really nice touch (I mean this in the least corny way possible). I feel as if this is a move in the direction of inclusivity and I’m definitely here for it! 

Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinWith regards to the products, all the skincare from the Toleriane Sensitive line are made of plastic. This doesn’t sound like anything new of the sort when comparing against other brands, but I did like the fact that the bottles on the ULTRA Overnight and ULTRA Fluide were hermetic sealed.

This type of packaging allows for a more cleaner and air tight seals, which exercise anti-contamination. As somebody who can be a little stingy when it comes to contamination of products, I’m really a fan of this.

Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive Skincurrently.

Since using the products, I feel like there has been an increase in maintaining my skin’s elasticity. My breakouts appear to be more controlled and incoherent since the use of the Sensitive Toleriane products. Additionally, it’s evident that my skin feels a lot more smoother and I enjoy the soothing feeling the product leaves once it has been applied. Initially after the first week of use, I felt as if my skin was still textured. I was skeptical. 

However, now that I am into my 5th week of using the line, I am way more pleased with the current outlook of my skin. There has been a significant reduction of texture near my under eye/ cheek area. Additionally, it is less notable with makeup, which is great because my makeup applies a lot better.

With the consistency being moderately thin, it doesn’t make my face feel like it’s loaded with product. As a result, this has helped tighten my pores and leave my skin feeling a lot less dry after makeup removal. 



The products mange well with my eczema. Because of the winter and the time of the day that I get up (which as of late has been veryyyy early – starting around 4am), my skin usually becomes a lot more irritated due to the dry air if I don’t put on a good moisturizer. The products have shown to keep me moisturized for about a good 12 hours or before my next shower in the evening.

With that being said, a little goes a long way. The main areas which I target are my t-zone, cheeks, and my neck, as they are the most driest. I then work my way outward to cover a thin layer over my face. Winter Skincare That Will Salvage Dry Sensitive SkinDirections are simple enough that if you are a beginner in the world of skincare, these products would be great foundations in your skincare journey. With a variety of other lines available, La-Roche Posay offers a suitable mix for several different skin types. However, Winter is in full-swing and dry skin is something that we all face during this season. You may or may not specifically have sensitive-dry skin, but I’ll tell you this – the moisturizing properties in the Toleriane Line could salvage those dehydrated winters. 

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