What To Consider When Chasing Your Passion

If you don’t try, you’ll never know. That is probably the most clear and concise truth that you’ll experience in your lifetime. Today’s post dabbles in what may seem complex, but is really simple— defining whether you should pursue your passion.

At any stage of life taking the leap to pursue what you love seems like the obvious answer, but the hardest choice to choose.

What To Consider When Chasing Your Passion

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Throughout my university experience the saying, “do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life because that field probably isn’t hiring” spoke volumes.

I won’t even deny that it may be true in some cases. However, it definitely does not have to be that way and that mindset can actually take a toll on you. The instincts we have as humans is to maintain survival, which in this day and age is partially equated to income and standard of living.
What To Consider When Chasing Your Passion
Given the opportunity, following your passion should come first. Although this can feel like the riskiest choice, it may be the best one in the long-run. I say this because according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs once we have achieved basic and psychological essentials, we are left with dealing with the top tier of self-fulfillment.
Whether it is realized or not, we all are subconsciously seeking that top tier.

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Self-Fulfillment Is Self-Actualization

You want to reach your full potential. You are seeking development in ways where you can grow creatively and experientially to get to that top tier.

What To Consider When Chasing Your Passion

Knowing that many have gone and are going through transitions, I can’t help but think of my previous experiences that have molded me on the path to seeking my passion. With that being said, many things come to my mind.

Understanding The Path

Growing up I dabbled in a variety of things. I ran track, I played volleyball, and even swung a few racquets on the badminton team. On the flip side, I had a HUGE obsession with sewing and fashion (which shouldn’t be much of a shocker as you’re currently here on my style blog Lol!).

Needless to say, I was in a little bit of everything.


My love for sewing and design intensified in high school. Unfortunately it was abruptly cut short when the fashion program was phased out. At the time I didn’t have too much guidance on how exactly to pursue or what tools to seek if I truly wanted to consider a career in the fashion industry.

My aunt is a seamstress and I learned a-thing-or-two from her. Her knowledge was acquired in Ghana, West Africa where several others have this same amazing skill. However, as cool and daunting as the idea of studying fashion in Ghana is…I was young, a little naive, still unsure of my future, and born in Canada which was (and still is) my home.

What To Consider When Chasing Your Passion
So with time I let my creative side simmer down. I told myself, I should “focus” on my traditional education as that was the “priority”.  I approached university and this is where I began to work through the tiers. Eventually, I found myself back involved with fashion and a new found passion for business.

However, whenever I think about my journey I sometimes reflect on whether I’d still continue fashion had I known about the opportunities earlier.

Paving The Path To Your Passion

Had I considered that a working 9-5 career actually consumes majority of your life, my approach would have been different sooner. Your creative process is completely different as a oppose to the traditional.

For this reason, nothing will hold you back from achieving success in something you are passionate about. No matter the obstacle, you will be more inclined to solve it because not only are you willing to put in the hours, but you have faith in what you are creating.


And I’m not hear to say that there won’t be unfavorable days or moments (because life isn’t perfect). But rather that it will ultimately feel like less of a burden than being constrained to doing something that may be less appealing.

What To Consider When Chasing Your Passion

I strongly believe I would have ending up realizing sooner that fashion and business is my passion. When you’re seeking purpose and trying to negate the risk, there are 3 major things I’d highly suggest you ask yourself:

  1. Are you willing to chase your dream now or risk falling into analysis paralysis?
  2. Is this something you could see yourself doing for a living?
  3. Regardless of money, will this satisfy your peace of mind and allow you to reach that self-fulfilment tier?

Circling back to the beginning of this post, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Maybe I would have known that there are fashion schools in Canada. Maybe I would have realized that there is literally a well-recognized school in the province next door.

The thing is with following your passion is that it is never too late as long as you take the first step.

Taking The First Step

If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in fashion or design schools like JCI Institute offer a variety of programs that allow you to explore your passions. Whether that be in fashion, body esthetics, hair, or even makeup, the choice is yours.

JCI Institute’s fashion design and business programs cover a variety of sectors in the fashion industry. With opportunities to develop an understanding of sales, merchandising, design, creative direction, and public relations, you have the change to dive into a hands-on learning experience that will prepare you for the fashion industry.

With that being said, the practical assignments and interactive lectures serve as great resources that mirror realistic work environments. Along with the training and practical knowledge, JCI has a network of several top fashion designers from Lululemon, Alexander McQeen, Artizia, Kit and Ace, Helly Hansen, and OAK+FORT.

Having networking opportunities, being able to go on field trips, and having talks with industry leaders is a game changer and, ultimately, the major tool to allow you to make your passion a day-to-day reality.

What To Consider When Chasing Your Passion

Take into mind that the decisions you make in the moment may seem insignificant. But in reality, every choice can make a difference no matter the size.

At the end of the day there’s one reoccurring truth, it’s that the passion of the heart never lies.

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  • Denay Stroy

    This post reminds me of how important it was to return to my first passion which was writing. I am multi passionate and recently realized that it was completely ok to pursue them all. Like you said you wont know until you try. Great post!

  • This post is so inspiring. Going after your passion can be a daunting task, but this post is a good encouragement to step into the future.

  • This is so hard for me to do! I have so many different things that I am passionate about, so I have to figure out how to merge the different segments into one career path.

  • Great post indeed! I think it’s imperative to promote women especially to chase their passions and follow their purpose. It’s not easy and I think that’s what scares most. So much to consider but it’s worth it!

  • Girl I love this!! Especially when you said “Had I considered that a working 9-5 career actually consumes majority of your life, my approach would have been different sooner. ”
    I say this all the time. I was basically made to go to college, racked up student loans for a degree that I don’t even have a passion to use! But it’s okay, as I pursue my passion more, I’ll be able to pay all of that back in a different way.
    We aren’t taught enough about purpose and passion as we grow up. It takes us to have adult experiences to actually realize that maybe what we’ve been taught isn’t what we truly want. Great post! Amazing!

  • This post really spoke to me! Blogging has become my passion but my 9-5 and being a wife and mother takes up most of my time. Trying to find time (and money) to put into my blog has been a challenge but I’m hoping it will pay off soon and I can do this full-time!

  • I needed this to remind me to keep going and do what passionate about. You really broke it down!! Great read’

  • Great post! I love that you incorporated Maslow (I’m a big fan of his theory) and that you ended with the idea that passion never lies. I feel like that’s a great concept. So many people learn to stop listening to their heart and intuition as they grow up and it’s a great reminder to return to that passion!

  • I hear you, I hear you!! I love this post. Yes, ma’am! My first love is writing! I write all the time, every day. I write and oddly enough, I realized it while in graduate school, which is writing intensive. So, once I realized it and embraced it… I took off!! Now, I am maintaining a blog, trying to flesh out a business plan (AW coming soon!), and graduating in March! As easy as it is to follow your passion, that’s not always what’s going to keep you fed, warm, or happy. You’ve gotta find a mixture. It ain’t easy, but it will be worth it!

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