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your go-to content marketing strategist

With over 7 years of experience in the marketing and operations industry, I
specialize in helping early to mid-stage D2C, non-profit, and service-based
organizations scale their online presence with expert content marketing strategies.
As a content marketing strategist, I am dedicated to providing my clients with a
competitive edge by delivering comprehensive content marketing plans that
align with their unique brand voice and values.

Our Story

Before launching my career as a content marketing
strategist, I was a style blogger while working at various
operations and tech start-up companies for several years.
my passion for writing and social media, combined with
my corporate marketing and operations experience, led
me to transition into the world of content marketing.
however, it was after my first failed D2C business [link to
how to fail successfully blog], I realized the importance of
elevating brand authority online through effective
content marketing strategies.

Our Mission

It isn’t merely a description of the
activities undertaken by the
organization either, but it also provides
the analysis on the results of these

Sound familiar?

It’s time to build a
community, not
just a website
after several dollars spent, ineffective ad
campaigns, and stress from managing product
development while wearing all the business hats, it
finally clicked.
marketing isn’t just advertising or a one-time event
that guarantees instant success. Like many early
stage businesses, what led to my first business
failure was the lack of strategy, planning, and
proper execution to maintain momentum.

Community Empowerment:

Whole Woman
Network Cooperative

Enhancing access to low-cost credit

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Financing Use Cases

Member Benefits

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Juliet keigo, Whole woman Cooperative

Financing Use Cases

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Financing Use Cases

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Save time
and get results

Optimizes your content by helping you establish a
consistent voice that speaks to your ideal target
audience on the right channels

Installs a quality content pipeline process that
generates and simplifies your content creation cycle
so that you don’t have to worry what to post next

Positions you for authority in your industry while
setting key metrics to assess the effectiveness of your
marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed


Let us take

content creation off your plate

with erica’s expertise, she and her team of
experts will elevate your online presence so
you can focus on other important areas of your
if you’re ready to take your brand to the next
level and scale your online presence, let’s chat!
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